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Our Impact

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Program Highlights

Celebrating our achievements in the first two years by creating a wide variety of programming and curriculum resources to enhance civics education

Grant Award


In 2021, iCivics received a grant through the National Defense Education Program to launch the Civics, Service, and Leadership Program (iCSL). In our first year, we’ve reached thousands of students and educators with our free online civics education resources and professional learning opportunities.

Curriculum & Product Development


iCivics resources, available online for free at iCivics.org, are high quality, teacher-centered, easy to implement, and fun! This past year, the iCSL curriculum team expanded the resource library and brought new resources to teachers and students across the country. New resources launched include:


DBQuests: Women in Service and Resisting Slavery.


Lesson Plans: Executive Branch Unit and Public Policy Unit 


Elementary Modules: Private i History Detectives 


Spanish Translations and ELL supports


Civics, Service, and Leadership Guides and Video Series and Handouts

Professional Learning


The iCSL model helps educators connect the civic knowledge, skills, and dispositions it takes to foster a service mindset and leadership skills within the classroom. We’ve launched multiple free professional development resources this year that meet everyone’s style of learning:


Monthly webinars brought together over 500 educators from across the country. They are available online at Monthly Webinar Series


Online professional development videos reached over 8,000 viewers. They are available online at Bite-Sized Professional Development and Explore iCivics Resources


Live professional development (in-person and virtual) with over 200 participants.  

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This material is based upon work supported by the National Defense Education
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